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Quick Overview

Cuby 7 - Reference 7 Drivers Wireless Speaker with Balanced Directivity

WiSound technology: place it anywhere - hear perfection everywhere
  • WiSound technology
  • 7 Drivers with Balanced Directivity for incredible sound everywhere in the room
  • Ideal In-Room response
  • Incredible Bass down to 35Hz
  • Bluetooth equipped
  • Interchangeable Colors
  • With WiSound technology

    Place it anywhere | Hear perfection everywhere

    The WiSound speaker’s unique design achieves the optimal tonal balance throughout your listening space – not just in a narrow ‘sweet spot’ like other speakers. This vastly improves social listening, and gives you great flexibility regarding placement of t

  • Rich Feeling of Space

    Feel the Full Sound Power of the orchestra in the room

    WiSound technology achieves the optimal tonal balance whilst creating a “spherical response” throughout the room’s space. The result is big, vivid, natural, finely-detailed sound, anywhere in the room.

  • Wide Dispersion of Sound

    Enjoy Room-filling sound, with 3D sound image

    WiSound speaker’s unique design, with balanced drivers firing forward, sideways and upwards, fills any room with big, vivid, natural, finely-detailed sound and re-creates the music source at its full size and natural height.

  • Bluetooth equipped

    Listen to your music easily and without wires, from your smartphone, tablet or computer

    Your Crystal Acoustics speaker’s Bluetooth receiver makes wireless connection to your handheld devices completely effortless. There are no wires, and no fuss.

  • Full Sound Power

    Enjoy perfectly balanced sound

    WiSound’s unique combination of perfectly balanced directional drivers, creates the ideal sonic balance and fullness of sound – throughout the entire room.

  • Incredible bass down to 35Hz

    Feel truly deep and powerful bass

    Thanks to our integrated active subwoofer, the bass is so deep and powerful, that there is no need whatever for an external subwoofer

  • Ideal “In-Room Response”

    Enjoy natural, lively and balanced sound everywhere in the room

    Sound reflections in a room give music much of its life and vibrancy. WiSound speakers are designed to use these reflections in all directions equally. This results to a natural, vibrant, large-scale, exciting and dynamic sound everywhere in the room

  • Balanced Speaker Directivity

    Listen to a perfect sound at any spot of the room

    Gone is the confining ‘sweet spot’ of traditional audio systems. Now you’re free to sit or stand wherever you like. WiSound technology delivers the same tonal balance wherever you are in the room.

  • Great Feeling of Space

    Free your listening position

    Our unique driver design means you’ll never again be tied to a single ‘sweet spot’. With our WiSound speakers you’ll hear the same magnificent sound wherever you are.

  • Spherical response

    Enjoy natural sound everywhere in the room

    Meticulous research into the effect of driver placement on room dispersion has created a uniquely immersive, completely 360° audio performance. This incredible dispersion means that the same great sound reaches your ears regardless of the where you are in

    • Class D ampilifier
    • DSP
    • Watts 2 x 25 + 50
    • AptX Encoding
    • SBC Encoding
    • Tweeter 2x ø19mm (0.75 in) dome
    • Woofer 1x ø16.5cm (6.5 in) long excursion cone
    • Midrange 4x ø5cm (2 in) fast rigid cone
    • Frequency Range 35Hz - 27KHz
    • Frequency response Smoothness (65hz-10hz) +/-1 db
    • 3.5mm Input Mini Jack
    • Optical Input
    • RCA Input
    • Input Voltage (V) 100V-240V, 50Hz-60Hz
    • Power Supply Transformer 230VAC
    • Standby Power Consumption <0,5W
    • USB Charger

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