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Quick Overview

Slim and Light Powerbank 10.000mAh

Keep your devices charged and active all day long
  • High quality Li-ion Polymer battery
  • Various input and output ports
  • Multi-Protection System
  • Fast charging
  • Light and Slim
A$37.90 RRP
  • Battery Capacity 10.000mAh

    Charge your devices repeatedly

    The high capacity of the powerbank lets you charge your smartphone and tablet more than once.

  • Quick Charge

    Charge your devices really fast

    The high current of the power bank lets you charge your devices on the minimum time possible.

  • Battery Level LED Indicator

    Get informed of the battery level of your powerbank at any time.

    The four LED indications provide all required information for the battery level and the exact time that a recharging is needed.

  • Two USB Ports

    Save time charging two devices simultaneously

    Using a pair of suitable cables you may use the USB ports of your powerbank to charge 2 devices on the same time.

  • Multi-Protection System

    Complete safety while charging your powerbank and your devices

    A total of 8 layers of protection at your disposal: over-charge, over-discharge, over-voltage, over-current, over-power, short-circuit, over-heating and EMF protection.

  • Lightning Port

    Charge your Powerbank with your Apple Lightning cable.

    Take advantage of your existing Apple lightning cable from your Apple device (iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV) to charge your powerbank without having to find or carry special cables every time you need to charge it.

  • Micro USB Port

    Charge your device without using many cables

    Due to the existence of multiple input and output ports on this device you can charge your smartphone/tablet and your powerbank using just one micro USB cable.

  • USB Type C port

    Charge your Powerbank with your Type-C USB cable.

    Take advantage of your existing Type-C USB cable from your smart device to charge your powerbank without having to find or carry special cables every time you need to charge it.

  • Slim & Light

    Carry the powerbank with comfort in any case

    The slim and light design of the device helps for easy storage. You can always have your powerbank with you, avoiding complete battery drain on your devices during the day.

  • High Quality Battery

    Ensure high quality and long-lasting charging for your devices

    The device contains high quality Li-ion Polymer battery that ensures the long-term maintaining of its initial capacity, for hundreds of charging cycles.


    • Battery capacity (mAh) 10.000
    • Input Ports 1 x Lightning / 1 x USB Type C / 1 x Micro USB
    • Output Ports 2 x USB
    • Current Output USB1 5V/1A - USB2 5V/2.1A (max 2.4A)
    • Multi-Protection System
    • Power Level Indicator
    • Battery Type Li-ion Polymer
    • Dimensions (mm) 141x72x15
    • Weight (g) 215