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  1. T2-5.1-UL


    Advanced 5.1 system. THX Ultra2 certified 12in subwoofer and front speakers

    Enjoy studio-grade audio, in small to medium-sized rooms

    • ΤHX Ultra2 Certified front towers
    • NEW THX Ultra2 12" Active Sub woofer
    • Dual chamber front towers enclosure
    • Dipole ΤΗΧ certified surrounds for immerive cinematic effects
    • Electronic protection on each tweeter, for safe operation at high listening levels
    • Luxurious combination of high gloss and black ash finish
  2. T2-5.1


    Awarded 5.1 speaker system. THX Ultra2 certified fronts and 10in THX Select subwoofer

    Enjoy powerful audio performance, in small to medium-sized rooms

    • 5.1 Speaker System with THX Ultra2 Certified floorstanding towers
    • THX Select certified Center, Dipole Surrounds and Subwoofers
    • 10-inch, 120W subwoofer for room shacking low frequencies
    • Deluxe gloss finish, with wooden sides in black ash
  3. T3-5.1-UL


    Home Theater 5.1 THX Speaker System, Theatre & Cinema | Crystal Audio

    Advanced 5.1 system from Awarded components. THX Ultra2 certified 12" subwoofer and fronts.

    • Speaker System with THX Ultra2 Certified front Towers
    • Triple chamber towers for the front channel
    • THX Select Certified Dipole pair for immersing effects
    • Electronic protection at the tweeters for safe function at high levels
    • THX Ultra2 active Sub, with 12'' woofer and a meaty 200W amplifier
    • Luxurious combination of high gloss and black ash finish
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3 Item(s)

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