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Melody Hi-End speakers & Ballad Subwoofer. The Sound of Art

Savor the ultimate combination of sound and art
  • Built to order, hand-sculptured 2.1 Hi-End system
  • Thick plywood construction with 35 & 40 segments accordingly
  • Rare Greek marble, forms the beautifully sculptured tweeters
  • Electronic Tweeter protection for safe listening at high levels
  • Curved cabinets for the ultimate sonic purity
  • Electronic Tweeter Protection1

    Listen safely, even at high levels

    The embedded protection circuitry interrupts the tweeter’s operation at excessively high levels, preventing any possible damage. The added benefit of this feature is that it actually warns you of potential woofer damage as well, let alone your amplifier!

  • Controlled Sonic Dispersion

    Listen to what you must, without unwanted sonic elements

    The meticulously engineered horizontal and vertical sound dispersion pattern of the TX-T2SE, achieves a dramatic reduction of the unwanted floor and ceiling reflections which cause unwanted sonic colorations. Thus, direct and reflected sound, has the same character.

  • 7'' Woofer

    Enjoy clear and detailed low and mid frequencies

    Thanks to a special “sandwich” of rigid and low mass materials, Crystal Acoustics’ woofers are characterized for their extremely linear behavior and ultra fast response.

  • 7" Woven Microfiber Woofer

    Enjoy clear and detailed low and mid frequencies

  • Conical Steel Phase Plug

    The brushed steel phase plug at the center of the woofers was carefully engineered to ensure the wide dispersion of all mid frequencies for an enjoyable listening experience in more than one listening position.

  • Powerful Woofer Magnet

    Enjoy plentiful LFE impact and ultra-fast response

    The premium materials into the core of each woofer driver, ensure an outstanding performance with any kind of listening material.

  • Magnetic Shielding

    Avoid damaging magnetically sensitive devices and media

    Each loudspeaker is magnetically shielded so as to prevent any possible damaged when placed near CRT TVs or storage media that is sensitive to magnetic fields, such as hard disc drives.

  • Down-firing design

    Enjoy powerful low frequencies with less localization

    Even at higher crossover settings (over 80Hz) the subwoofer can remain relatively “hidden”, being more difficult to localize than its more traditional, front firing “brothers”. Furthermore, it allows for a more uniform LFE dispersion.

  • 12'' Woofer

    Feel each low note with brutal impact, yet amazing precision

    The light but rigid, specially treated paper cone couples with the carefully engineered electronics to offer deep, tight bass with extended dynamics and powerful impact.

  • 200W Amplifier

    Fill every room with realistic, studio-level LFE

    The high quality electronics that compose the 200W amplifier, ensure plentiful impact with control as well as immediate, fast transients with every demanding sonic material.

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