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HDMI-PR-1.8 (2.1)

HDMI-GOLD-1.5 (2.1)


Quick Overview

HDMI cable with Ethernet, 3D, gold plated connectors I 1.5m

Connect your A/V equipment and enjoy vivid 3D picture and clear audio
  • High-level shielding against electromagnetic interference
  • Triple conductor shielding
  • High Speed up to 48Gbps
  • Audio Return Channel (ARC)
  • Oxygen Free Copper conductors (OFC)
  • 24K Gold plated terminals
  • Oxygen Free Copper

    Enjoy top quality signal transmission

    The super-conductive copper inside the cable, ensures optimal signal transfer. Plus, being oxygen free, it is also much more resistant to corrosion than conventional electric cables.

  • 24Κ Gold Plated connectors

    Ensure optimal signal quality and corrosion resistance

    The gold plating on each connector offers enhanced electric conductivity, plus the benefit of the added corrosion resistance. This way, you can enjoy crystal clear signal transmission and life-long performance!

  • Audio Return Channel

    Listen to your TV’s audio, through your A/V receiver

    The A.R.C technology, if present on both your TV set and A/V receiver, allows the audio signal to be output for listening though your Home Theater system

  • Ethernet Channel

    Share your local network through your A/V gear, via HDMI

    By using compatible audio and video components, you can share your network connection between them, just by connecting them with HDMI cables to a single device that has access to your network.

  • 24bit - 192kHz HD Audio

    Enjoy maximum sonic quality from today’s High Definition formats

    The wide bandwidth technology of HDMI coupled with high quality construction from Crystal Acoustics, allow you to enjoy the best sonic performance from modern audio formats.

  • Full HD 1080p

    for the maximum signal resolution of all modern HD formats

  • 3D signal compatible

    Enjoy the latest 3D Blu-rays, in crystal clear High Definition

    High speed and wide bandwidth coupled with high quality conductors and shielding, allow you to enjoy the best possible audio and video signal from modern, demanding 3D productions.


    • Conductor AWG 30
    • Conductor Material BC
    • Conductor Solid / Stranded Stranded
    • Oxygen Free Copper Wires


    • Connector Color Black
    • 24K Gold Plated


    • 3D Support
    • Audio Return Channel (ARC)
    • Cable Length (m) 1.5
    • CEC Compliance
    • Ethernet (HEC)


    • Jacket O.D. (mm) 6


    • 1080 i
    • 1080 p
    • 1440 p
    • 4K
    • 8K


    • EMI / RFI Shielding
    • Shield Layers 3


    • High Speed
    • Speed (Gbit/s) Bandwidth 10.2 - 18
    • Speed (MHz) Bandwidth 340
     Enjoy your music as the artist intended