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Quick Overview

Wireless Multiroom Adaptor for active speakers, Hi-Fi & AV receivers

Make your stereo system, part of your Wireless Multiroom Music Network
  • Wi-Fi
  • Wireless multi-room
  • Spotify, Tunein, Pandora, Tidal, iHeartRADIO, DEEZER
  • Wireless Range Extender Build in
  • Ethernet port
  • USB playback
  • Analog Input

    Included in sets



    Compact 5.1 AV furniture system with hidden center speaker, bipolar satellites and 8" subwoofer



    Compact 5.1 AV furniture system with hidden center speaker, compact satellites and 8in subwoofer



    Compact 5.1 AV furniture system with hidden center speaker, bipolar towers and 8" subwoofer

  • Whole house multi-room system

    Play your music in every room

    Use your smartphone, tablet, computer or any other music source to stream different songs in each room, or the same song everywhere.

  • Internet Radio with Personalized presets

    One-touch access to your music with six personalized presets

    A WiSound multi-room device features a number of presets that you can easily set (and change) directly on the system or with the free app. Instantly, your favorite music plays at the touch of a button, just like on your car radio.

  • Perfect sync in every room

    Manage multiple systems in different rooms

    Using our app, you can stream a different song in each room, group rooms together in zones for different music in each zone, or hear the same song everywhere in perfect sync.

  • All your sources together

    Access all your music from one place

    You can select and play your favorite songs in an instant, no matter where in the house you are, or where the songs are stored in your home networκ.

  • Fully expandable

    Start with one music player, expand everywhere

    The WiSound multi-room range is a complete family of products. You can begin building your wireless multi-room system with just one WiDaptor connected to your old stereo, and later add further stereo systems or/and WiSound Wireless Multiroom speakers all around your home, as and when you want to

  • No skips, delays or drops

    Play your music with confidence

    Our WiSound wireless mesh network technology provides whole-house coverage, ensures synchronous music playback, and avoids sources of wireless interference.

  • All the world’s music in your hand

    Stream music and radio via your smartphone or tablet

    You can wirelessly play music streaming services and Internet radio directly from your iPhone, iPad, iPod or Android device

  • Streaming services

    Enjoy music from streaming services

    WiSound Wireless Multiroom devices not only fully support streaming services like Deezer, Spotify and Pandora, but also play music from them directly, leaving your smartphone or tablet free to be used for other purposes.

  • Internet Radio

    Tune in to countless Internet radio stations around the globe

    WiDaptor, Cube and Teevy incorporates the TuneIn service, giving you direct access to countless Internet radio stations of every type and genre, around the globe. Save your favourite at Cube and Teevy at 6 presets and access them easily through its remote control.

  • DLNA/UPNP Support

    Play music from any DLNA/UPNP DMS device

    Your Crystal Acoustics WiSound speaker can use any DLNA/UPNP device as a source – such as your computer, home server, NAS or other media player.

  • Automatic software updates

    Stay updated with new features and services

    WiSound multi-room is constantly improving, with new features and services. As soon as a new feature emerges, your system will automatically update itself.

  • Built-in Wi - Fi

    Connect wirelessly to your home network

    Connect to your home Wi-Fi network and access the music on your computer, Smart TV and other connected devices.

  • Simple to set up, Easy to use

    Enjoy an easy and trouble-free multi-room system

    It’s never been easier to set up and control a wireless multi-room system. Simply use our free app on your smartphone/tablet, and fill your home with music in seconds.

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