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  • Are Crystal Audio products suitable for my needs?

    • Which system to buy? A cheap all-in-one home cinema in a box or one comprising Separate Components?

      A system comprising of separate components is guaranteed to perform optimally, with movies and music

      This is the dilemma faced by everyone who decides to purchase a home cinema system. In recent years the market has been flooded with "all-in-one" home cinema systems. These systems however:

      • Have poor performance speakers which are responsible for the loss of passion and magic when watching movies
      • In general they have very low audio-visual quality and as a result tire out the listener much sooner
      • It is practically impossible to upgrade them since all of the system's links are weak. On the other hand, there's the proposition of separate components for your system, selected to cover your needs. The performance advantages of separate components will more than compensate for their higher cost in comparison to the "all-in-one" systems

      Go for separate components and real loudspeakers because:

      • Only then you will enjoy real high quality sound combined with a magnificent image
      • You will have the choice to expand your systems at any given moment according to your wishes and needs
      • This way the value of your investment is not lost, neither the passion and appetite for music and cinema
    • What is the benefit I will have with a better speaker system?

      Better speakers offer better rendering of the delicate nuances of music and movie soundtracks

      By purchasing a better speaker system you will listen

      • In music, stereo and multichannel (SACD, DVD-Audio):
      • Better stereophonic image. Speakers of high quality are able to disappear in space and reproduce a large three dimensional image of the scene
      • Very well defined sound stage. The correct definition of the musical instruments and the voices within the musical stage, is what makes the difference between live music and the tiring loudness of bad bulky or small speakers
      • Greater depth. Feel the three dimensional space and depth of an orchestra just as it sounds in the recording studio! Live the ultimate experience of a live recording
      • Accurate musical timbre. Musical instruments and human voices are realistically reproduced
      • With home theatre and games: 
      • 3D Sound. The surround channel effects encircle us
      • Added detail and clarity. Crucial for the dialogue and subtle effects 
      • Wider dynamic range. Very important in order to listen carefully to every little detail in both quiet and loud passages
      • Thundering bass frequency reproduction. For a real home theatre experience
    • For which of my systems devices shall I spend the largest portion of my budget?

      You should balance between quality speakers and quality components to support them.

      Evidently of all home cinema equipment the key choice concerns the purchase of a quality screen or projector. Think however:

      • would you want big pictures, but a small sound?
      • would you want good pictures, but a bad sound?
      • would you want precision images, but a cheap sound?

      Even the largest screen can't provide the realism and the three dimensional soundstage of a surround sound speaker package.

    • What should I use for the rear speakers if I plan to do the 7.1 surround?

      You should balance between quality speakers and quality components to support them.

      According to THX, the left and right surround back speakers must be direct firing, placed together on the back wall to take maximum advantage of THX’s patented Advanced Speaker Array (ASA) technology. Using this speaker setup, THX ASA digitally reconfigures the surround channels to recreate the appropriate sound fields for movies, music and games.
      Crystal Audio's proposal is to use the THX-D dipoles as back surrounds for the following reasons:

      • They provide for a very easy load to the receiver, which means that they don't suck power from your main speakers which are called to produce the soundtrack, voice and main effects
      • Crystal's dipoles are in effect combining all the advantages of monopoles, bipoles and dipoles, with a smooth power and on-axis response, thanks to the woofer firing to the front and the two tweeters being connected in phase
      • They are compact in size and can be either wall mounted or placed in a bookshelf or on speaker stands
      • They provide a superior enveloping sound stage that puts the listener into the action and not... in front of it
    • Where can I listen your speakers? I would like a demo before I buy them

      Ask for a 60-day risk-free audition, at the best place. Your own home!

      In your own place! As you may already know, room acoustics play a significant role in the performance of a Home Theater system. Moreover the correct setup of the A/V receiver driving the Home Theater speakers is also crucial.Even if the demo room provides a properly set up Home Theater system for you to evaluate, noone can really guarantee that you will hear the same thing once you buy the exact system you were auditioning in the dealer's demo room.

      That's why we offer you the demo room's option in your own listening room! Take our speakers, hook them up to your system in your place and listen to them for up to 60 days! Bring your friends, listen to all your favorite music and movies, tweak the settings of your receiver to get the best results and play around with the speakers' positioning. If you are not satisfied you can still ask for a return. Fair deal, isn't it?

    • Are the wireless amplifiers TR-100 & TR-60 compatible with 220VAC & 110VAC power outlets?

      Only 220V models are currently available.

      For the time being the Crystal Audio Wireless Amplifiers are available only for 220VAC outlets. We plan to make them available for 110VAC as well though.

    • Are the necessary cables for the connections included in the Crystal Audio speakers?

      No, you are free to choose the quality of cabling you desire.

      No. You must buy the cables that you need to connect your speakers. You are strongly advised to buy the best cables you can afford, as your speakers will perform only as good as the cables permit them. High quality cables use Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) wires, twisted in a multi-stranded way to eliminate the skin effect which reduces high frequencies. The overall construction is balanced so that the parasitic capacitance is kept to an absolute minimum. This results in cables that do not colour the signal in any way.

      Note that depending on the length of the cable that you need, you should go for:

      • 16 gauge wire for up to 15m 
      • 14 gauge wire for 15m to 30m 
      • 12 gauge wire for more than 30m
    • What are the Speakers and packaging dimensions?

      You can see detailed specs in the relevant product pages.

      You can see detailed specifications of all our products, including the product and packaging dimensions, in the relevant product pages.