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Quick Overview

3D-HiFi360B - Wireless Mini Hi-fi with 3Dimensional Sound 360°

Experience music with realistic wide, deep and high sound stage
  • Ultimate 3Dimensional Sound
  • 8 drivers
  • Bluetooth®-equipped
  • USB, AUX & headphones input
  • FM Radio
  • Wide Dispersion of Sound

    Enjoy Room-filling sound, with 3D sound image

    WiSound speaker’s unique design, with balanced drivers firing forward, sideways and upwards,
    fills any room with big, vivid, natural, finely-detailed sound and
    re-creates the music source at its full size and natural height.

  • Test Alt

    Ideal In-Room Response

    Experience natural, lively and balanced sound everywhere in the room

    Sound reflections in a room give music much of its life and vibrancy.
    WiSound speakers use these reflections in all directions equally.

    WiSound results in a natural, vibrant, large-scale, exciting and dynamic sound everywhere in the room


  • WiSound technology

    Place it anywhere | Hear perfection everywhere

    The WiSound speaker’s unique design achieves the optimal tonal balance throughout your listening space – not just in a narrow ‘sweet spot’ like other speakers. This vastly improves social listening, and gives you great flexibility regarding placement of the speakers, without performance compromises.

  • 3-Dimensional Sound

    Enjoy Room-filling sound, with 3D-Sound image

  • Wireless Bluetooth® connection

    Connect your Bluetooth® enabled device wirelessly and enjoy your music cable-free

  • USB Playback

    Play MP3 and WMA audio files from store devices using the USB port

  • CD/MP3 Playback

    Play your favourite CD and MP3 disks

  • Headphones Input

    Listen to your favourite music with headphones, connecting them in the corresponding port

  • FM Radio

    Enjoy music and broadcasts from your favourite music stations


    • Watts 50


    • Max Range (m) 10
    • Version 5.0


    • Tweeter 6x ø50mm (2 in) dome
    • Woofer 2x ø10cm (4 in) cone

    Frequency Range

    • Frequency Range 20Hz-20KHz


    • USB Port
    • AUX input
    • FM Radio


    • 3.5mm Output

    Power Supply

    • Input Voltage (V) 110V - 240V, 50Hz-60Hz
    • Standby Power Consumption <0,5W

    Supported Formats

    • MP3
    • WMA

     Enjoy your music as the artist intended