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Τhe clever Cuby 7 serves up a spacious, enveloping sound
“.... Goodbye to your traditional stereo speakers and their ‘sweet spot’, the theory goes ...” “... The sonic characteristics do not change noticeably. There is not more detail over here and less bass over there. Th...
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Cuby 9 - Impressive design, flexible multiroom features, superb Wi-Sound
“…Cuby 9’s star attraction is WiSound, which uses nine drivers to create a big, room-filling sound, or a ‘spherical response’ ...” "…The rear panel’s healthy range of sockets goes beyond the usual wireless speaker of...

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Τeevy 6 - Clever Internals make the Teevy 6 sound great! “....

We were able to walk around the room without noticing any obvious gaps in audio coverage or any change in the mid-range or treble response when we changed position....” “... directs the sound around a room mo...

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Τeevy 6 The gift of Wisound
“.... Wisound can create an incredibly dispersive, dynamic and consistent audio delivery through every part of a room....” “.....In a nutshell, a combination of full-range, midrange and high-frequency drivers at the...
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Τeevy 6 - a hugely impressive soundbase
“... Its tasteful design and solid build quality are commensurate with the price, and it brings effortless excitement to movies and TV shows with its punchy bass, excellent detail and attacking tone...” “... Impress...

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Cuby 7 - Fabulous sound quality and stunning design
“Cuby 7 lives up to its creators’ bold claims with a stunning performance that rewrites the rulebook for wireless speakers.” “Even more impressively, WiSound delivers on its promise of a tonally consistent sound from...
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"...will sound crisper than a frosty Christmas morning"

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BluDAC Triumphs with 5-stars in "What Hi-Fi?"
“Right away we’re impressed with the BluDAC’s powerful, dynamic approach to music… There’s a solid soundstage…. The BluDAC picks out plenty of detail, including the subtle sparkle of the piano strings that follow in the...

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WiDAC has been very positively featured on the 'Tech Specs’ gadget reviews page
“This audio receiver system from Crystal Acoustics offers a step-up from connecting via Bluetooth… It also has a built-in Wolfson DAC, which means in Normal Human Terms that the sound quality is really good." – Crystal ... 
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Best DAC to buy 2014
“…A doddle to wirelessly stream jazzy noodles from any smartphone… A decent Wolfson DAC makes the most of whatever comes its way… A bargain.” Crystal Acoustics BluDAC –, March 2014, the online companion to... 
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