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Our Story


Electrodynamic Dipoles
the first of many innovations

Crystal Audio is the first manufacturer to introduce Dipoles, with all drivers being electrodynamic. The three Dipole models ideally combine all the top electrodynamic loudspeakers' benefits with the benefits of the dipole panels, while having none of the handicaps.

Handmade European speakers with Crystal Audio woofers made in Athens Greece combined with the ultimate quality midrange and tweeters from France.


System Series:
‘Satellite speakers with High-end performance.’

A pioneering range of high-end satellites with subwoofers for multi-channel systems. Τhe System Series is one of the first times that such small size is combined with high-quality materials, first-rate manufacture and, of course, high-end performance.

System 5 is a pioneer high-end mini loudspeaker with an exterior tweeter, electronic protection and multiple 3” drivers, which is used with one of the range’s impressive subwoofers.

System 5 is the first model of Crystal Audio “Made in China”. It is a perfect combination of “Best Value for Money”, Innovation, Quality and Style!


"Room Acoustics Designer"
perfects the listening room

Crystal Audio creates Room & Speaker Matchmaker application (now called RAD or Room Acoustics Designer). Thanks to RAD, any consumer can now find the perfect placement of their speakers in their listening room.

The program algorithms propose the ideal position for the speakers in association with the seating position and the screen size. The Room and Speaker Matchmaker V1.0 is first presented at the 2001 international IFA exhibition in Berlin.


Prisma Series
made the high-end affordable

A combination of Crystal Audio’s innovative technologies, versatile design, and affordability make the full-size Prisma Series one of the world’s best buys.

The speakers embrace prismatic cabinets, Kevlar woofers, ‘free-air’ tweeters on top of the cabinet, multiple active subwoofers, and electronic protection. Their prismatic cabinets are superior to regular cabinets from similarly priced speakers. The drivers and crossovers are optimized to offer a flat response. The Prism shape eliminated the internal standing waves eliminated, and the tweeter out of the box improved the stereo image..


Help is at hand with the
"Home Theatre Handbook"

A unique Home Theatre Handbook is published. Based on countless hours of seminars and courses to audio/video salespeople, the Home Theatre Handbook gave all the technological background of today’s A/V systems. This handbook was intended for consumers who want to learn how to spend their money wisely and how to purchase the best home entertainment system their money can buy.

It also offered sales assistants the best solutions to their customers. Even technicians and engineers can improve their A/V knowledge through an innovative training system that includes over 300 Questions and Answers.


Online learning
delivers yet more innovation

Crystal Audio presents a unique e-learning training system that includes both theory and assessment tests to help the students consolidate their knowledge.

The system collected various data, such as the student’s grades, the time required to complete each section, the dates when the student logged on and off, etc. This information is available to the system administrator for a correct assessment of the students' progress.


Crystal Audio loudspeakers gain
THX certification

The THX Series is launched, with the new line of speakers boasting THX Select certification and the seal of approval this bestows. THX certification is the only quality certification for multi-channel audio with strict specifications to guarantee the highest performance possible.

Besides THX certification, the range of loudspeakers includes an innovative exterior tweeter that rotates towards the hearing position. The fabric covers were made with an innovative, thin metal frame to be sound transparent towards all directions. These innovative grilles minimize the diffraction of regular covers and offer a very wide and focused stereo image.


Crystal Audio was selected as OEM/ODM
supplier of famous American Brands

As an acclaimed manufacturer of THX Certified loudspeakers, we developed complete, THX certified high-performance Home Theatre systems, for one of the most prestigious and popular brands in the USA.

This OEM/ODM project was the beginning of a successful new department, which developed a large variety of high-quality products. Our OEM/ODM products are sold by famous American and European brands and large international retailers bearing their own brand names.


SmArt system introduced Home Theatre with style
Crystal Audio launches its SmArt speaker range, for those who value exquisite styling as much as a wonderful sound. SmArt speakers are unique as they offer interchangeable side panels.

Changing cabinet color was as easy and as fast as removing a front grille. Therefore, owners of a SmArt system may change their speakers' colors at any given time, to match their decor or mood. The side panels were made of real wood veneer, lacquered with luxurious high gloss finishes. Their elegant style along with their top performance is an irresistible combination.


Breaking down the boundaries
between Art and loudspeakers

A unusual combination of elegant form and spectacular function, a coming together of Art and technology, Crystal Audio unveils its "Art of Sound" Sound Sculptures.

The designs comprise the Ballad subwoofer and Melody speakers, bringing together an impressive aesthetic and near peerless acoustic performance. The designs are crafted by leading sculptor Ilirian Shima in Athens, Greece, within the context of the "Ilir" sculpture exhibition, which is sponsored by Crystal Audio.


Crystal Audio took on the entire
home entertainment experience

Using its guiding principles of value, innovation, quality and style, Crystal Audio looked to cover every aspect of home entertainment.

The wide range of Crystal Audio affordable high-end neccessories ensures that the end-user gets the best performance from their entire system.


The first Made in Europe Patented formula green cleaners with EU approval,
ensured improved screen performance

Success in the accessories market and the burgeoning LCD screen market compels Crystal Audio to develop the first and only ‘green’ screen-cleaners.

They implemented an effective and safe cleaning solution that lets you enjoy the full potential of a TV or PC screen. Their advanced, EU-certified formula protects sensitive screens with effective and long-lasting removal of dust and dirt without staining or marking.


“Best Speakers of 2007 in the UK!”
The THX-3D12 loudspeaker system has been declared the “Best loudspeaker system of 2007” by the hugely respected specialist British magazine Home Cinema Choice.

At the gala Awards ceremony, which took place at the Curzon Cinema in central London, the speaker package beat off prestigious rivals.

Described as a “home cinema experience to challenge the best” the THX-3D12 was commended for its great THX-certified performance at a very competitive price point.


On-wall Wireless Speaker Amplifiers
By recognizing consumers’ need for full quality audio, without the hassle of wires, we pioneered an creative solution, wireless speaker amplifiers, with transmitter and receiver.

These devices allowed the consumer to connect various loudspeakers in many different rooms and transmit audio wirelessly, from any audio source!


Energy Savers for Greener home entertainment

Our Energy Savers underlined Crystal Audio's commitment to a greener future. The devices help consumers save up to 30% of their electricity bills by reducing energy consumption, that was good news for the environment.

The energy savers reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by up to 200kg per year by overriding the standby function on an electronic device and turning it off. The designs also implement surge protection technology, which ensures electronic devices remain unharmed by electrical spikes.


State of the Art MPEG-4 receivers
offered the best quality for the digital era

We integrated our advanced audio and video know-how, to developed complete DVB-T receivers for Standard and High Definition TVs.

By integrating innovative features in an all-in-one solution (PVR plus Media Player), they become instantly popular in forum discussions and the number one choice for consumers, in their price category.


Portable HD Media Players
created a new worldwide reference

With staggering persistence in audio and video innovation, Crystal Acoustics puts a powerful Media Player core, in a tiny aluminum, high quality enclosure.

Pico became instantly popular and gained numerous Awards and five-star Reviews across the globe, as the smallest and most powerful Media Player in its price category.


THX ULTRA2 certified speakers
offered the most affordable Hi-End Home Theatre

Following the creation of its first THX Select certified speaker in 2004, Crystal Acoustics advances to the ultimate seal of approval for pure, studio-grade sonic reproduction.

With THX Ultra2 certification, the new range of Awarded loudspeakers satisfies even the most demanding listeners of music and movie soundtracks, which can now experience what the producers really intended.


Media MatchBox wins the
“Media Player of the Year” Award in the UK

Following the achievements of its predecessor - Pico - a new player is introduced. The Media MatchBox has the same, portable form - factor, yet more amazing features and the most powerful processor of its time.

Practically able to play anything you can throw at it, the MediaMatchBox gains multiple Awards, including “Media Player of the Year”!


“Best Value 5.1 Speakers” in the USA!
Secrets of Home Theater & High Fidelity, a most prestigious on-line publication in the US, has awarded the CRYSTAL ACOUSTICS’ TX-3D12 system as the “Best Value 5.1 Speakers of 2011”!

As the reviewer stated on March 2011: “Crystal Acoustics has hit another home run in the price-performance category. Two thousand dollars buys a set of THX Ultra2 certified full-range speakers, a THX Select certified subwoofer that plays really loud down to 31.5Hz, THX Select certified dipole and center-channel speakers that fill a room with immersive sound.”


Stylish headphones for audiophiles

Crystal Audio applies its long-standing audio expertise to the creation of a diverse new range range of headphones.

They are distinguished for their quality, stylish design and excellent value for money.


BluDAC: A wireless legend married Bluetooth with Hi-Fi
BluDAC was an innovative Audiophile Bluetooth audio receiver. It won awards, excellent reviews and five-star ratings worldwide (What Hi-Fi, T3, Stuff, MSN Tech and countless other leading magazines and websites).

BluDAC was equipped with top Wolfson DACs, leading technologies (aptX, NFC, etc.) and both analogue and digital outputs. The genius of BluDAC was that it converted any amplifier or set of active speakers into a modern Bluetooth system. It enabled the user to turn any audio system into one that can be controlled and streamed to from a smartphone or tablet.


WiDAC married Wi-Fi with Hi-Fi
Hot on the heels of the award-winning BluDAC, Crystal Audio extends the options for consumers wanting to turn their audio systems wireless, by creating the WiDAC. This magical device converts any audio set-up into a Wi-Fi-ready wireless system.

It featured top Wolfson DACs and was compatible with DLNA and Airplay, WiDAC was an excellent Wi-Fi Repeater as well, extending significantly the Wi-Fi network range.


WiSound: the revolutionary new tech
that drastically improves speaker performance

Crystal Audio creates a completely new series of speakers, providing the same great sound at any place in the room, regardless of the listener’s position relative to the speaker. WiSound is the result of many years of intensive research on speakers’ directivity and the acoustic balance of direct and reflected sound,

The new tech is launched with the tagline: 'Place it anywhere, hear perfection everywhere’.


Innovative Wi-fi Multiroom with WiSound technology was presented at CES Show
It was the first Wi-fi system launched early in January 2015, that was able to stream any type of analog and digital signals, including Bluetooth, through Wi-fi.

WiSound could connect any music source, place many wireless speakers anywhere, and hear perfection everywhere. WiSound offered all these advantages many years before any other Wifi speakers with 360 Sound become industry standard!


3D-Hifi: Innovative Hi-fi system
with WiSound technology for 3-Dimesional Sound

WiSound advantages are now available in a stereo pair of 3D-Sound speakers for incredibly realistic sound reproduction at affordable price!

Speaker Evolution! Sound Revolution!


3D-Sound speakers for the most advanced 360 sound field
Now that the world’s biggest brands follow the lead of WiSound for 360 sound, the new 3D-Sound speakers give even more realistic sound, from even smaller loudspeakers!

The Art of Sound represents the beauty of Sound Innovation.


Room Adaptive Dynamic Equalization
Enjoy the most advanced 3-Dimensional sound experience, with 3 types of Automatic Room Equalization.


3D-Soundbars: Game Changing Soundbars with WiSound technology for 3-Dimensional Sound
WiSound advantages are now available in compact soundbars with built-in subwoofers for amazing sound everywhere in the room!
Soundbar Evolution! Sound Revolution!


Pro Earphones with Gaming Mode, ANC and Bluetooth 5.3
Enjoy comfortable fit and 44 hours of listening pleasure with Active Noise Cancelling, Call Noise Cancelling and Low Latency.
Next Gen Wireless Audio Performance!
Test your headphones/speakers playlists
Test your headphones/speakers playlists