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7.2 Reference Home Theatre System

Ultimate 7.2 system. Two THX Ultra2 certified 12" subwoofers and fronts.
  • THX Ultra2 certified floorstanding towers and subwoofers
  • THX Select certified Center and Dipole Surrounds
  • Two 12-inch/200W subwoofers for enhanced low frequency performance
  • Powerful LFE and improved standing wave control
  • Deluxe gloss finish, with wooden sides in black ash

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  • Electronic Tweeter Protection

    Listen safely, even at high levels

    The embedded protection circuitry interrupts the tweeter’s operation at excessively high levels, preventing any possible damage. The added benefit of this feature is that it actually warns you of potential woofer damage as well, let alone your amplifier!

  • +/-1.5dB Accuracy of Frequency Response

    Enjoy accurate, studio quality audio

    Smooth, balanced and truly realistic sound that faithfully represents the musical instruments, the human voice and all kinds of modern movie effects.

  • Top-mounted Rotating Tweeter

    Enjoy top-notch high frequencies with wide dispersion

    Free of diffractions caused by the speaker’s enclosure, the tweeter offers airy, transparent sound, with wide dispersion. The rotation feature allows you to direct all high frequencies towards you, even if the speaker is pointing straight ahead!

  • Controlled Sonic Dispersion

    Listen to what you must, without unwanted sonic elements

    The meticulously engineered horizontal and vertical sound dispersion pattern of the TX-T2SE, achieves a dramatic reduction of the unwanted floor and ceiling reflections which cause unwanted sonic colorations. Thus, direct and reflected sound, has the same character.

  • 7' Woofer

    Enjoy clear and detailed low and mid frequencies

    Thanks to a special “sandwich” of rigid and low mass materials, Crystal Acoustics’ woofers are characterized for their extremely linear behavior and ultra fast response.

  • Silk Dome Tweeter with protective diffuser

    Enjoy smooth, undistorted audio with detailed, airy highs, no matter where you stand in the room

    These highly sensitive silk dome tweeters offer exceptionally transparent and detailed highs, even with low -powered amplifiers. The added diffuser protects the tweeter and offers pleasant dispersion for many listeners in the room.

  • Two Silk Dome Tweeters

    Enjoy evenly dispersed surround sound and high-power output

    These highly sensitive silk dome tweeters offer exceptionally transparent and detailed highs, even with low -powered amplifiers. The electronic protection circuitry ensures trouble-free listening at high volume.

  • 7" Woven Microfiber Woofer

    Enjoy clear and detailed low and mid frequencies

  • Conical Steel Phase Plug

    The brushed steel phase plug at the center of the woofers was carefully engineered to ensure the wide dispersion of all mid frequencies for an enjoyable listening experience in more than one listening position.

  • Glossy Black finish

    Integrate the speakers with your internal decor

    Demonstrate your speakers, instead of hiding them out of sight! Ugly, old-styled speakers are a thing of the past. Luxurious glossy black is today’s motto for every living space connoisseur.

  • Powerful Woofer Magnet

    Enjoy plentiful LFE impact and ultra-fast response

    The premium materials into the core of each woofer driver, ensure an outstanding performance with any kind of listening material.

  • High Power Capability

    Listen for long periods of time, with no fatigue

    Enjoy your music and movies at realistic listening levels without feeling fatigued or sonically “over-saturated”.

  • Magnetic Shielding

    Avoid damaging magnetically sensitive devices and media

    Each loudspeaker is magnetically shielded so as to prevent any possible damaged when placed near CRT TVs or storage media that is sensitive to magnetic fields, such as hard disc drives.

  • THX Ultra2 Certified

    Experience every movie or concert, exactly as the artists intended

    Optimized electronics and carefully engineered dispersion result in a stunning, powerful and dynamic surround sound. Experience nuanced, lifelike multichannel audio for movies, music and video games!

  • Bass Reflex Port

    Feel the powerful impact of every explosion

    The large front-firing ports deliver powerful bass output with extended response.

  • Bipolar Pair

    Simulate cinema-like surround sound, with a single pair of speakers

    The widely dispersed audio radiated from a THX certified bipolar pair, is the closest you can have to the immersive surround experience created by multiple speakers in large cinemas.

  • 12' Subwoofer

    Feel each low note with brutal impact, yet amazing precision

    The light but rigid, specially treated paper cone couples with the carefully engineered electronics to offer deep, tight bass with extended dynamics and powerful impact.

  • 200W Amplifier

    Fill every room with realistic, studio-level LFE

    The high quality electronics that compose the 200W amplifier, ensure plentiful impact with control as well as immediate, fast transients with every demanding sonic material.

  • Two THX certified subwoofers

    Double charge your Home Theater’s low frequency kick

    Enjoy more accurate low frequencies with even dispersion for more listeners. Come closer to a truly explosive, realistic experience with every action flick

  • Triple Chamber Enclosure

    Enjoy powerful bass performance from narrow baffle speakers

    Each woofer works in a carefully engineered frequency region, determined by the volume of the chamber, the diameter of the port and the crossover. This results in a stunning, tightly controlled bass, beyond what the speaker’s dimensions might imply.

  • Black Ash side pieces

    Enhance your home design with beautifully crafted loudspeakers

    Wood is beautiful to look at, even when it comes as a feature of high-tech devices. Naturally “related” to optimal sound reproduction, it was the best possible material on which to form the good looking curves on the sides of the flagship TX-T2SE.

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    THX-3D12 - "Best Speakers of 2007"
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    Front Speakers Specifications

    • Power (Wrms) 200
    • Maximum Power (Watt) 400
    • Sensitivity (dB/2.83V/m) 91
    • Impedance (Ohm) 8
    • Minimum Impedance (Ohm) 3.2
    • Frequency Response (Hz) 35 - 22k
    • Tweeter 1x ø25mm (1 in) rotating on-top titanium dome with neodymium magnet
    • Midrange 1x ø18cm (7 in) crystal woven fibre cone
    • Woofer 2x ø18cm (7 in) crystal woven fibre cone
    • Tweeter Electronic Protection
    • Woofer Chambers 3
    • Bass Reflex Ports 2
    • Magnetically Shielded
    • Crossover Type 3.5-way
    • Weight (kg) 25
    • Dimensions WxHxD (in) 8.3 x 42.2 x 13.4
    • Dimensions WxHxD (mm) 210 x 1073 x 340

    Center Speaker Specifications

    • Power (Wrms) 100
    • Maximum Power (Watt) 200
    • Sensitivity (dB/2.83V/m) 92
    • Impedance (Ohm) 8
    • Minimum Impedance (Ohm) 3.2
    • Frequency Response (Hz) 33 - 22k
    • Tweeter 1x ø25mm (1 in) rotating on-top titanium dome with neodymium magnet
    • Woofer 1x ø18cm (7 in) crystal woven fibre cone
    • Tweeter Electronic Protection
    • Bass Reflex Ports 2
    • Crossover Type 2-way
    • Gold Plated Binding Post
    • Magnetically Shielded
    • Weight (kg) 7
    • Dimensions WxHxD (in) 21.7 x 8.5 x 6.4
    • Dimensions WxHxD (mm) 550 x 215 x 162

    Subwoofer Specifications

    • Number of subwoofers 2
    • Amplifier Power (Wrms) /unit 200
    • Maximum Power (Watt) 400
    • Frequency Response (Hz) 20 - 350
    • Woofer 1x ø30cm (12 in) long excursion
    • Auto On/Off
    • Bass Reflex Ports 2
    • Input Level Controller
    • Phase Control Switch
    • Magnetically Shielded
    • Weight (kg) 29
    • Dimensions WxHxD (in) 13.8 x 18.5 x 18.5
    • Dimensions WxHxD (mm) 350 x 471 x 470

    Surround Speakers Specifications

    • Power (Wrms) 100
    • Maximum Power (Watt) 200
    • Sensitivity (dB/2.83V/m) 88
    • Impedance (Ohm) 8
    • Minimum Impedance (Ohm) 6.4
    • Frequency Response (Hz) 45 - 22k
    • Tweeter 2x ø25mm (1 in) silk dome
    • Woofer 1x ø18cm (7 in) crystal woven fibre cone
    • Tweeter Electronic Protection 1
    • Bass Reflex Ports 1
    • Crossover Type 2-way
    • Gold Plated Binding Post / Bi-Wire
    • Magnetically Shielded
    • Weight (kg) 7
    • Dimensions WxHxD (mm) 310 x 310 x 147
    • Dimensions WxHxD (in) 12.2 x 12.2 x 5.8
     Enjoy your music as the artist intended

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