TX-3D12 Speaker System gets nominated for "Best of 2011".

Secrets of Home Theater & High Fidelity, a most prestigious on-line publication in the US, is wowed by the thrilling performance of Crystal Acoustics’ 5.1 TX-3D12 speaker system, with THX Ultra2 certified floorstanders.

As the reviewer clearly states: “Crystal Acoustics has hit another home run in the price-performance category. Two thousand dollars buys a set of THX Ultra2 certified full-range speakers, a THX Select certified subwoofer that plays really loud down to 31.5Hz, THX Select certified dipole and center-channel speakers that fill a room with immersive sound. This review didn’t meet the deadline for SECRETS 2010 Best Of awards, but when nominations are due for the 2011 Best of awards, the Crystal Acoustics’ TX-T3SE system has my vote”.

Read the full review here: TX-3D12 Review from “Secrets of Home Theater & High Fidelity”

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