Cuby 9 - Impressive design, flexible multiroom features, superb Wi-Sound
“…Cuby 9’s star attraction is WiSound, which uses nine drivers to create a big, room-filling sound, or a ‘spherical response’ ...”

"…The rear panel’s healthy range of sockets goes beyond the usual wireless speaker offering…”

"…the beauty is that unlike some multiroom speakers Cuby 9 can retransmit music from Bluetooth or USB and send it to other Cuby speakers in your ecosystem…”

“…Wi-Fi setup is equally hassle-free. To connect it to your router, simply run the WiSound app, key in your Wi-Fi password and press the WPS button on the back of Cuby 9…”

“…The impressive WiSound app is attractive and flexible…”

“…It’s unusual for a multiroom speaker to come with a physical remote, but it’s much quicker than firing up the app every time…”

“…Cuby 9 serves up much the same as Cuby 7 – namely a big, immersive sound that doesn’t change as you move around the room, all thanks to the wonders of WiSound…”

“…it makes you feel immersed in the music more effectively than traditional speakers…”

“…You can even turn it up nice and loud without fear of distortion. There’s a biting edge to snare drum hits and bass is well integrated…”

“…It’s capable of some big, exciting dynamics when the music demands...”

“...Cuby 9 is an impressive speaker that builds on the sterling work of its nine-driver sibling with slick multiroom functionality…”

“…It carries out its network duties with ease and flexibility, allowing you to zap music to different speakers at the swipe of a finger using the superb smartphone app…"

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– Crystal Acoustics Cuby 9, Trusted Reviews, July 2015