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Provocatively engineered... who else can top that?
"Crystal Acoustics makes a credible debut with the TX-D12 speaker system. […] this provocatively engineered product delivers tweeter-on-top construction and tremble clarity for just $1,499. Who else can top that?" "I f...
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Sound quality in spades at a very attractive price
MUSIC PERFORMANCE - "For my initial auditions, I followed my usual custom of listening to the T3 towers alone, in full-range stereo. My first impression was Goldilocks-esque, a good sign: not too bright, not too warm, n...
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"Best Gear to Buy Right Now"
Sound & Vision has included Crystal Acoustics THX-3D12 5.1 system in its list of the "Best Gear to buy right now" "Balanced and powerful British sound were the hallmarks of this THX-certified systems with a hefty 12-inc...
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Go ahead, pick up the THX-3D12 system
Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity features an excellent review on Crystal Acoustics THX-3D12 system at:
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Unmatched value and performance for the skinny-fit price tag
"Crystal Audio's THX-T3 is a Mighty Package" "The slender main enclosures help generate a wide wavefront, which gives a broader soundstage with less of a 'hot seat' effect" "The bass from the large subwoofer is power...
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"Best Buy" Award granted to THX-3D12
"Working with the THX people on other products and getting involved with the Audio Engineering Society by publishing white papers of its own research, this is one speaker company that could easily claim to be aristocrac...
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THX-T3 at £600 is one of the best sub-£1,000 options available
"Piano timbre was superb, with excellent spatiality and timing - successive notes were revealed with precision, speed and delicacy too." "Most impressive was the ability of these speakers to provide a wide, lyrical spa...
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THX-3D12 In "Gear Guide's Top 5" list
Home Cinema Choice places Crystal Audio's THX-3D12 package in its top five list of surround sound speaker systems in the magazine’s Buyers Guide (Issue 135). All the other Top 5 List speakers are priced twice or even 5 ...
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"Hot Stuff" Award for the THX-3D12 system
"This is a blinder of a system" "...genuine power and range with top notch center channel performance..." "...If you want a full size speakers set-up that conforms to the THX's tight criteria, then this is one of the ...
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"Best Buy" Award for the SmArt 4 system
"Overall, the Crystal Audio SmArt 4 is an excellent, well thought out package." "The SmArt 4 is a seriously impressive system that gives rivals a run for their money" What Home Cinema's readership figure has now reache...
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