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MediaMatchBox gets “Recommended” award from The Register’s “RegHardware”!
"The MediaMatchBox is a super little media player. If you’re looking to upgrade your TV or AV system it provides a slick user experience in a tidy chassis." The MediaMatchBox received a cracking review on the RegHardwa...
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Look no further! PicoHD5.1 gets "Recommended" Award from TrustedReviews!
TrustedReviews, UK's biggest online technology reviews site recommends the PicoHD5.1, as the "look no further" Media Player of its category! The 9/10 review states: "If you want a capable media player that fits in your...
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TX-3D12 Speaker System gets nominated for "Best of 2011".
Secrets of Home Theater & High Fidelity, a most prestigious on-line publication in the US, is wowed by the thrilling performance of Crystal Acoustics’ 5.1 TX-3D12 speaker system, with THX Ultra2 certified floorstanders....
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TrustedReviews stunned by the BPT5-10's value for money
TrustedReviews publishes an excellent review of the BPT5-10 5.1 speaker system. The BPT5-10, bundled with Crystal Acoustics THX certified 10-inch subwoofer, results in an excellent hardware combination and technological...
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TX-T2-12 wins "Best Buy" Award from Home Cinema Choice
The September edition of Home Cinema Choice, features a spectacular review of the Crystal Acoustics TX-T2-12 system, awarding it with the “Best Buy” seal of approval. The review examines the various technological aspect...
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TrustedReviews "Recommended" award for ΤΧ-Τ2-12 speaker system
TrustedReviews, by far and away the biggest online UK technology review site with a truly staggering ABCe-certified 3,374,310 unique visitors each month, gives the TX-T2 system an absolutely awesome rating, along with a...
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Crystal beats Sharp and matches Yamaha in BBC Focus soundbar test!
"Despite cramming everything into one unit (there's no separate subwoofer for bass), the SSB-1 still packs a punch. lt impressively handles the intricate combination of vocals and effects in the recent Star Τrek film, w...
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Compact, all-in-one speaker system with good sound quality, plenty of volume and multiple inputs
After the initial feature of the SSB-1 in the Macworld website back in May 2009, the Crystal Audio sleek Soundbar is reviewed as part of the iPod accessories section. According to Macworld, while "At first glance, the ...
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Crystal Audio SSB-1 soundbar - Best for... Bargain Hunters
The Crystal Audio SSB-1 gains a fine review and a 'Best for Bargain Hunters' award in the latest issue of T3. PPA International Consumer Magazine of the Year, T3 uses stunning photography and a powerful blend of news, ...
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Another great review of the SSB-1, which is just pipped to first place by B&W in a group test
What Plasma and LCD TV, the UK’s leading magazine dedicated specifically to flat screens, recommends the Crystal Audio SSB-1 in a fine review, with the design coming second only to B&W in a soundbar group test! Check ...
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