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SSB-1 does really well in the "Group test - Soundbars under £500"
"At just £200, the SSB-1 from Crystal Audio is the most affordable soundbar in this group. It doesn't have the widest range of features, but it produces a good sound at a competitive price." The 27in wide unit contains...
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SSB-1 Soundbar reviewed
TrustedReviews gives the SSB-1 a wonderful "8 out of 10" write-up. Please read the review, which is now live, at:
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SSB-1 Soundbar reviewed
The SSB-1 gets a great write-up in the July 2009 issue of iCreate . If Apple made a magazine it would be iCreate. Offering readers a mont...
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Sound was all but indistinguishable from when played through the wires
"Simply put, this system does what it says on the box. Sound was all but indistinguishable from when it was played just through the wires." "Crystal Audio's tech is good value in terms of radio signal transmission, rec...
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THX-3D12 - "Best Speakers of 2007"
Crystal Audio's sensational THX-3D12 surround sound loudspeaker system receives coveted Home Cinema Choice Award The THX-3D12 surround sound loudspeaker system from Crystal Audio has been declared the "Best loudspeaker...
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"Best Gear to Buy Right Now" in the Editor's Choice Award Issue
At this Feb/Mar issue of Sound & Vision 2006 Editors' Choice Awards, the reviewers chose the best audio, video, and multiroom A/V components of the past year. The world's largest USA entertainment equipment magazine, ...
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SmArt 4 system featured in the TOP 10 list of Speaker Systems
What Home Cinema, one of the UK's biggest selling specialist home cinema magazines, places Crystal Audio's SmArt 4 package in its TOP 10 list of Speaker Systems in the magazine's Buyers Guide. What Home Cinema was the ...
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"Best Buy" Award for the SmArt 4 system
"Overall, the Crystal Audio SmArt 4 is an excellent, well thought out package." "The SmArt 4 is a seriously impressive system that gives rivals a run for their money" What Home Cinema's readership figure has now reache...
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"Hot Stuff" Award for the THX-3D12 system
"This is a blinder of a system" "...genuine power and range with top notch center channel performance..." "...If you want a full size speakers set-up that conforms to the THX's tight criteria, then this is one of the ...
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THX-3D12 In "Gear Guide's Top 5" list
Home Cinema Choice places Crystal Audio's THX-3D12 package in its top five list of surround sound speaker systems in the magazine’s Buyers Guide (Issue 135). All the other Top 5 List speakers are priced twice or even 5 ...
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