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Quick Overview

High Quality, Gold Plated Minijack to RCA Cable | 1.8m

Enjoy pure audio transmission
  • 24K Gold Plated Connectors for a lifetime performance
  • High Quality Copper
  • 20 very thin strands

    Enjoy lossless signal transmission

    The multiple ultra-thin copper strands running through the cable, ensure the best possible signal transmission at this diameter, against conventional wires.

  • 24Κ Gold Plated connectors

    Ensure optimal signal quality and corrosion resistance

    The gold plating on each connector offers enhanced electric conductivity, plus the benefit of the added corrosion resistance. This way, you can enjoy crystal clear signal transmission and life-long performance!

    • Conductor AWG 28
    • Conductor Material Bare Copper
    • Conductor Solid / Stranded Solid
    • No of Conductors 3
    • No of Strands 20
    • Connector Color Black
    • 24K Gold Plated
    • Cable Length (m) 1.8